There are a number of ways to securely share files and folders that are stored in Glasscubes.

Sharing a single file/folder

To share a single file navigate to the 'Files' section of your workspace and locate the file in the list. Click on the'Options' button to the right of the file. Select 'Share file' or 'Share folder' from the drop down menu.

Alternatively, from the file's preview page click the 'Share' button.

Sharing multiple files/folders

If you need to share multiple files/folders select them from the 'Files' section of your workspace and the 'Select action' button will appear.

Select 'Share' from the drop down menu and the share popup will appear.

Sharing files internally

To share files with other members of the workspace, click into the text box highlighted below and select their names from the drop down list.

Before sharing the file you have the option to add a personal message. Click ‘Done’ and an email notification will be sent to the user(s) with an internal link to access the file.

Sharing files externally using a secure share link

If you want to share files with people that aren’t Glasscubes users, just add their email address(es) to the box, click 'Done' and they will be sent a secure link to access the file. NOTE: If you have several email addresses to add, you can cut and paste a list, providing each email address is separated using a comma.

Alternatively, click 'Get secure share link' and distribute the link provided using any method you choose.

When you share a secure share link there is an option to add a password, expiry date or restrict access to view only.

If you select the 'Share as view only' box, the recipient will not be able to download, print or copy the file's content. They are restricted to only being able view the file online.

Before sharing the file you can add a personal message. Click ‘Done’ and an email notification will be sent with the public share link to access the file.

Who has a file has been shared with and has it been viewed?

Quickly see which users have shared a file, who they shared it with and when. In addition to that, and unlike email, Glasscubes also shows you whether a file has been viewed by the recipient. More

Sharing a file or folder during upload

For convenience you can also share files or folders at the same time as uploading them.

After you select the file(s) or folder(s) to upload click the ‘Share’ button.

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