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Using labels to get organised

Add labels to files, tasks and calendar events to improve the way you organise and find content

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Glasscubes makes it easy for you to organise and prioritise your files and workload by using labels. Labels are a powerful feature that allow you to instantly locate items, regardless of their location. They avoid the time wasted hunting through layers of folders, projects or calendars to find the content you need. They are also used as a handy way of visually adding a priority or category an item.

Labels for files

Glasscubes uses a traditional, tiered folder structure for storing files. The inherent problem with this is when you need to find a particular category of file that’s dispersed across multiple folders. Labels give you an easy way of pulling all of those files together, regardless of their location. They become even more useful when you add multiple labels to files for more complex requirements e.g. compliance document management or project work.

Labels for tasks

Although tasks can be assigned to users and given due dates, labels offer a way of adding custom categories to tasks, which can be useful to give all users an immediate visual reference, regardless of whether a task is assigned to them or not.

Labels for calendar events

Labels offer a quick and powerful way to organise calendar events. You can add multiple labels to each event and then filter using a combination of labels to effortlessly locate the right event.

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