What is a whiteboard?

A whiteboard is a document that can be quickly created and edited online without the need for Microsoft Office. They are particularly useful for making and retaining notes. Or, for brainstorming ideas among a virtual group. They can contain some formatting, although they do not have all of the features that a Microsoft Word document does.

How to create a whiteboard

You can create a whiteboard in the 'Files' section of a workspace.

Simply click the 'New' button and select 'Whiteboard' from the drop down menu.

The whiteboard online editor will appear, give your whiteboard a title and add its content.

When you have finished click 'Save'.

Editing Whiteboards

Select 'Edit whiteboard' from the Options drop down menu. The whiteboard will automatically lock to prevent other users editing it at the same time.

To unlock the the whiteboard you must either click 'Save' or 'Cancel'.

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