Custom URL setup

Create a sub-domain of your main website URL

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The option of a custom URL provides a branded link to your organisation e.g., rather than your standard Glasscubes URL e.g.

If subscribe to the Enterprise Edition of Glasscubes and you would like us to set up a custom URL for your account, please forward us the URL of your choice, along with the following SSL registration information.

SSL registration

To allow us to set up your custom URL, we need to purchase an SSL Certificate for you. To do this we require the following registration information from you:

  • Custom URL

  • Organisation Name (your company e.g. Glasscubes Limited)

  • Country Code (2 letter code e.g. GB)

  • State/Province Name (County/State e.g. Greater London)

  • Locality Name (city e.g. London)

  • SSL Certificate authorisation email (see notes below)

Your registration will require authorisation by email. It will be sent to an email address at your domain, which MUST have one of the following prefixes:

Send your registration information to

Domain Name Server (DNS) configuration

After we have received your registration information we will arrange for the SSL authorisation email to be sent to your chosen email address. It will arrive from Trustico, the SSL provider. Follow the instructions in the email to validate your SSL Certificate.

Next, contact whoever is responsible for your DNS configuration. They need to add the following record to your DNS:



TTL: 1 hour

After that has been completed your SSL certificate will be installed and your custom URL will be available to use within 24 hours.

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