Task summary and reports

An overview of task progress and reports that can be customised

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In addition to the filter charts and options, each workspace task area has its own summary chart, which gives you a quick visual indication of your project's progress.

To launch the progress chart click the graph icon shown above.

The graph displays the total number of tasks added over time and the number of those tasks that have been completed. If the gap between the two lines decreases over time, it shows progress is being made. If the two lines touch, all tasks are complete. If you run you mouse along the graph it displays the totals by day.


There are three different reports available.

Workload Report - View, download and analyse all task activity, across all of your workspaces.

Time Tracking Report - If you record time against tasks, this report provides a detailed breakdown of the actual time users allocate to tasks.

Time Variance Report - If you record time against tasks, this report will calculate the difference between the estimated time that’s allocated to tasks and the actual time that is recorded against them.


Workspace Owners have the option to feedback detailed information to their workspace members by adding a description and priority to their project.

If a project's status changes, they can give status updates with an explanation, which will appear in the Dashboard activity feed, members are notified immediately and it will be displayed in the project portfolio overview.

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