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The problem with email is that once it's been sent, it's gone forever, you have no further control over it.

Here are 9 reasons why using a secure share link gives you the control that you don't have if you share files as email attachments. You can:

  1.   Revoke a secure share link at any time.

  2.   See which recipients have actually viewed shared files and when.

  3.   Share unlimited quantities of files/folders using a single link.

  4.   Password protect your link for added security.

  5.   Make your link time sensitive by setting an expiry date.

  6.   Edit files that have been shared and the recipient will have immediate access to    the updated version, without you having to resend the link.

  7.   See who has shared your files, when they were shared and with who.

  8.   Brand your links with your logo and remove our branding.

  9.   Share files of unlimited size.

When the recipient of a secure share link clicks on the link they are redirected to a branded landing page that shows a list of files and folders that have been shared. The folders can be browsed on the page and files can be downloaded individually, or in bulk, with a single click.

Files that are individually shared are previewed directly on the landing page and can be browsed without the need to download them.

Secure share links are quick to create and give you full control over the files/folders that you share.

Once a secure share link has been created it can be revoked by going to the file's detail page, selecting the 'Info' tab and clicking the ‘Share history’ link, shown below.

Any shares of the file will be shown in the expanded panel. Click the 'Revoke' button by the share to remove it. After the link has been revoked any recipient of that link will no longer be able to access its shared content.

If you are an Administrator you can manage all secure share links by navigating to Settings>Advanced options.

In the ‘Advanced options’ section click the 'View files' button see all files and folders that have been shared.

If a user is deleted from your account all of the links that have been shared by that user will be revoked automatically, unless the option to retain them is enabled by an Administrator.

If you are an Administrator or Workspace Owner you have the option to remove the option to share files using the secure share link from a workspace.

Navigate to the workspace 'Options' and check the ‘Disable share using secure link’ box.

PLEASE NOTE: This functionality is not available until your account has been verified. To have it enabled please send your request to

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