Sharing and streaming video

There are several ways you can share video content

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To quickly share video content, found on external websites with other users of Glasscubes, just copy and paste the URL of the video directly into a Post, Announcement, News Article or Comment. After it is shared the video can immediately be viewed from within Glasscubes.

Uploading video files

To store and stream video files in Glasscubes, upload the video file into the 'Files' section of a workspace. After uploading the video it becomes available to stream and view directly from the preview panel, without having to download the video first.

Alternatively, you can embed and live stream videos that are hosted on other video sharing sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Embedding a YouTube video into a Whiteboard

Locate the video that you want to add to Glasscubes and click the 'SHARE' link.

Now click the 'Embed' icon.

Select and copy all of the highlighted HTML code.

Create a new Whiteboard, click 'Tools' and select 'Source code' from the drop down menu. Now paste the HTML code that you coped from YouTube into the pop up box and click 'Ok'.

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