Effortlessly migrate tasks from other applications into Glasscubes using our bulk import template.

Navigate to the 'Tasks' section of the workspace you want to import your tasks into and click the arrow next to the 'New task' button. Then select 'Bulk import' from the drop down list.

Click the 'bulk import template' link, which will bring you to this page.

Bulk upload template

Click here to download the bulk upload template.

IMPORTANT: Do not change any of the headings on the spreadsheet and ensure that it is saved as a CSV file, otherwise it will not work.

Populating your template

Add your task information to the relevant columns in the spreadsheet. As follows:

  • task_group (optional): Group your tasks by giving them a group heading. Any task with the same entry in this field will be grouped together.

  • task_title (required): The task's title. This is the only mandatory field.

  • task_description (optional): The task description field can contain any quantity of text.

  • assignee_emails (optional): Add the assignee's email to this column; multiple assignees can be added using a comma to separate them. NOTE: If you would like to assign tasks to individuals, you will need to ensure that they have been invited to the workspace that you are importing into; they don't however have to have accepted their invitation prior to running the import.

  • task_start_date (optional): Add the date your task is due to start.

  • task_end_date (optional): Add the date your task must be completed by (or due date).

  • task_labels (optional): Labels are an great way of categorising your tasks, which can then be easily filtered. Add any labels that you'd like to apply to a task, multiple labels can be added using a comma to separate them. More information on labels.

After you have populated the spreadsheet, save it locally. Your template is ready to upload.

Finally click the 'Upload template' button.

NOTE: Notifications will not be sent to the task assignees informing them that new tasks have been created for them. However, assignees will be notified of any amendments made to the tasks after the import has been completed.

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