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Quickly set up an online form to securely request information

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Before you create a form consider that the members of the workspace that you create the form in will have access to the form's submissions and results.

If you would prefer to make the form available in a workspace but conceal the results, you need to create the form in a separate workspace and link to it.

Enable forms

To create a form the feature must first be enabled in your workspace.

That can be done when you first create a workspace or it can be enabled by the Workspace Owner, by navigating to Options>Features and selecting the 'Forms' check box.

Create a form

Navigate to the 'Forms' tab in your chosen workspace and click the 'Create form' button or use the 'Add' icon.

The header section of your form allows you to:

  • Change the default logo, which is your account's logo.

  • Give the form a title.

  • Add a description field, which can be useful to explain the purpose of the form, or as an area to add instructions for the recipient(s). Note: The description text can appear left justified, or centered along with the title, just select the relevant icon.

The 'Recipient's email address' field is required if you want to track, manage and report on submissions. It will be prepopulated if the form is being submitted by another member of your account. If you would prefer submissions to be non-attributable, then check 'Anonymous submissions' and this field will be omitted from the form.

To add fields to your form, drag and drop them individually from the 'Form fields' panel on the left hand side into the desired area of the form. After you add fields you can still drag and drop them to change their order.

Adding form Actions

In the top right hand corner of your screen you will find the option to 'Preview' your form. When you are happy with the layout, click 'Next' to add Actions to your form.

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