It is not necessary to share a form immediately. They can be shared at any time or remain in the 'Forms' section of the workspace and accessed on demand.

Every form has it's own unique URL. When you create or edit a form its URL is presented in the final stage of set up, as Option 1.

This link can be distributed by any means you like. They are often added to client facing websites and used to collect online enquiries, process sales orders or request feedback.

Once a form is set up, you can also get a form's link by navigating to the form in your workspace and clicking 'Get link'.

It is also possible to add a link to your form in the 'Forms' section of another workspace but that is done differently.

Tracked requests sent by email

The advantage of requesting information using this option, is that the requests are recorded, can be managed, an optional due date can be set and automated reminders sent to the recipient.

If you are sending the requests to other members of your account, just select their names from the drop down list, alternatively enter the recipient's email address.

You have the option to add a due date, which is set as a predetermined number of days after the form submission is received, and then the option to send an automated reminder. You can also add your own personalised message to the email request that is sent to the recipient.

After you have sent your form submission requests (you can skip this stage and send requests at a later date), click the blue 'Save' button, found in the top right hand corner of your screen. Your form is now complete and ready to use.

Managing requests

A progress panel to view completed submissions and manage requests that are in progress.

A personal report, which shows all of the requests that you have made, regardless of workspace.

A workspace level report that provides a single view to manage all of the requests within a workspace.

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