File requests are secure and simple for a recipient to fulfil. There is no size restriction or limit to the quantity of files that can be requested. Compared to email, file requests offer greater control over document collection, which maintains the integrity of sensitive data at all times.

Results are presented in an easy to manage dashboard and reminders are automated, saving significant amounts of time chasing outstanding or overdue requests.

Creating a file request

The file request feature is located in the 'Files' section of a workspace.

Enter the name of the file(s) you want to request. You can paste a list of items from a spreadsheet or document, providing each item is on a separate line.

A new folder will be automatically created your workspace, as soon as the recipient starts to upload the files. If you would prefer to use an existing folder, click on the 'Change location' link and navigate to your preferred location.

Click 'Next' to continue.

File requests can be sent to any email address. It's important to note that requests sent to other members provide a facility to securely message you directly from the file request panel itself. This provides an audit trail of communication that can be shared with other workspace members and archived for future reference. Requests sent to email addresses not not offer this option.

Add an email notification subject line, which will also become the name of this request. Adding a personalised message is optional.

Click 'Next' to continue.

Add a due date and send reminders to the recipient, saving you the effort of manually chasing outstanding or overdue requests.

If you don't add a future due date but choose to send overdue reminders, the automated reminders will start from the date you send your request.

Click 'Done' to send your request.

Receiving a file request

The recipient of a file request will be notified by email and through their in-app notification center.

They will also receive an alert in their 'My Stuff' action list, which will serve as a constant reminder, until the file request has been completed.

The recipient must 'Upload' content to each item in the request, or explicitly 'Decline' to upload an item, before they are given the option to complete the request.

If the recipient is a member of the platform, they will have the option to securely message you directly from the file request panel itself.

How to manage file requests

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