What additional features do I get if I upgrade from the Team Edition?

These features are available as standard in the Workgroup and Enterprise Editions of Glasscubes.

Upgrade your account now and get all of these additional features for just £25 extra per month. More info

Dashboard Banner Customisation

Personalise your dashboard banner with your own image, messaging and quick links, which make it easy to access common items or other regularly used online platforms. Users quickly identify with Glasscubes as their go-to hub for all information and services. More info

Project Management

This suite of project management tools give you everything that’s needed to manage even the most complex projects, with ease.

The addition of project milestones, task dependencies, critical path analysis and Gantt charts all help to make sure that your project stays on track and is completed on time. More info

Team Permissions

Are you a Glasscubes Administrator that’s managing a growing number of users?

Arranging users into teams will make things much easier for you and your users. Teams allow you to assign and manage permissions, to the group as a whole. It also gives your users a quick way of notifying a group with a single click.

Organise your teams by role/department/function or into any group of users that share the same permission levels. More info

Archive Workspaces

Do you have any workspaces that you don’t use anymore?

Instead of deleting them, why not archive and retain the information so that you can easily reinstate the content if it needs to be referred to sometime in the future. More info

File & Folder Permissions

Do you want to restrict access to individual files and folders by user or team?

Workspace members are assigned permissions to all files and folders when they are invited to join a workspace. Workspace Owners and Administrators can then restrict access to individual files and folders to specific users and teams. More info

Other benefits

In addition to the features above the Workgroup Edition of Glasscubes also allows you to upload files of any size, create unlimited workspaces and increases your monthly form submission allowance from 100 to 1,000.

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