Forms: The basics

Everything you need to know about requesting information using a form

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After you have created a form it will appear in the 'Forms' section of your workspace. Members of that workspace can submit a form response by clicking on the title of any form.

Each form has it's own results area but the workspace 'Forms report' combines the submission results of all of the forms that are contained in that workspace.

The 'View trash' contains any forms that have been deleted. Only the Workspace Owner or an Administrator are able to permanently delete forms from the trash bin.

Each form has the following links, which allow workspace members to:

  • Add a New request - Send out new, trackable form submission requests.

  • View results - See all completed submissions and outstanding requests.

  • Get link - Copy the form's URL and distribute by any means.

The form's 'Options' dropdown menu offers the users the ability to view, edit, copy and delete the form. If a form is deleted it is moved to the 'Trash bin'.

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