The 'Files' section of each workspace has a report that contains all of the file requests that have been sent from that workspace.

Workspace file request report

Click the 'File request report' link.

Each column of the report can be sorted by clicking on the arrows to the right of it's title. Click the filter icon to expand further options.

The status of the results can be filtered by clicking on the relevant section of the pie chart. You can also type in to the text box to filter by name or request title.

Manage file requests across all workspaces

For an overview of all of your file requests, regardless of workspace, navigate to your 'My Stuff' page. Expand your 'My Requests' panel and the 'File requests' pie chart will summarise the status of all of your requests over a given time frame. Click on the pie chart to launch the detailed results panel.

If you would prefer to see an overview of every file request, across multiple workspaces, you will first need to create a portfolio of the workspaces you want to report on. That will then become accessible from the 'My Portfolios' panel in your 'My Stuff' page.

After selecting the relevant portfolio, click the 'View' link and select 'File request' from the drop down menu to display the report.

Managing individual requests

Click on a single result in the report to view its contents.

This is an example of a completed request; you can also view requests that are in progress. The items with a green tick have content uploaded, the items with red crosses have been declined. To view the content click on an item.

The content is listed in a panel that expands from the right. Click on any of the files to preview their content and gain access to other document management functionality.

Each request has an 'Action' drop down menu, which has the options to:

  • Send a reminder to the recipient to complete a request.

  • Unsubscribe the recipient from any overdue reminders that may have been enabled.

  • Mark as completed to manually override an outstanding request and mark the status as completed in the results.

  • Delete the request. This cannot be undone.

Creating a file request

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