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Gather information effortlessly, even in bulk
Gather information effortlessly, even in bulk

A smarter, faster way of gathering information than by email

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Our information request tool saves time by chasing outstanding or overdue items for you. Follow-on discussions are contained and organised, making them quick to find. Real-time reporting gives you visibility, making it easy to manage and monitor the progress of quantities of requests at a time.

It’s a better experience for the recipient too. A response can be written, have files uploaded, or be a combination of both. As convenient as email but with the peace of mind that their information is secure, using our encrypted and GDPR compliant facility.

Creating an information request

The information request feature is located in the 'Requests' section of a workspace.

Enter the item(s) that you want to request. You can paste a list of items from a spreadsheet or document, providing each item is on a separate line. Alternatively, you can create information request templates, which make it convenient if you request similar items on a regular basis.

A new folder will be created in your workspace if a recipient starts to upload any files.

Click 'Next' to continue.

Review the items in the request and if needed select the pencil icon to attach supporting documentation or type instructions to support the item requested. Items can also be added or deleted.

Click 'Next' to continue.

Select the workspace member, or enter an email address of the person, you would like to send your information request to.

Add an email notification subject line, which will become the name of the request.

Adding a personalised message to the email notification is optional.

Click 'Next' to continue.

Automated Reminders

Unlike email, information requests will send automated reminders to encourage a timely response.

Simply add a due date, and time allowing, reminders will be sent automatically, 5 days before, 2 days before, and on the due date.

To send overdue reminders, check the box and select the desired frequency. Note: If you don't add a due date but choose to send overdue reminders, the automated reminders will start from the day you send your request.

For complete control of your reminders, select ‘Advanced reminder options’. This allows you to add further reminders by selecting a date or if prefer by selecting the number of days before or after the due date. Each reminder also includes the option to add a custom reminder option.

Click 'Send' to send your request and the recipient will receive an email with secure link to access the request.

Example of an overdue reminder

The branded email notification that the recipient receives reminds them of when the information was requested, when it was due, and how many days it is now overdue.

Enable recipient verification using a One Time Password

If the ‘Enable recipient verification using a One Time Password’ option is selected the recipient will also receive an email with a One Time Password (OTP). After selecting the secure link to access the request the recipient will need to enter the OTP to complete verification.


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