Managing workspaces

Controlling and organising workspaces for Administrators

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The default and recommended account setting allows any user to create workspaces. This has been proven to increase user adoption, as users that have their own workspaces are more likely to engage with the service on a more regular basis than those that don't.

Restrict who can create workspaces

If you would prefer to control which users can create workspaces, navigate to 'Account settings>Advanced options>Other options' and check the 'Only specified users can create workspaces' box .

NOTE: If this setting is applied and you give a user permission to create workspaces you are also giving them permission to add new users to your account.

Member workspaces

Although users can create workspaces for their own use and invite other members of the account to join their workspaces, they cannot invite new users into the account, unless they have been given those specific access rights. Any new user that is invited will require the approval of an Administrator.

Member workspaces can only be seen by the members of that workspace, with the exception of Administrators who can see all workspaces.

If you would like to be alerted as new member workspaces are created, navigate to 'Account settings>Notification emails' and select 'Notify all Administrators when a new members workspace is created.'

For convenience, in an Administrator's side navigation bar, member workspaces are grouped automatically. If preferred those workspaces can be moved into the core list of workspaces or into another workspace group.

Administrator's workspace view

Administrators have every workspace in the account listed on their side navigation bar as a default. This may not be desirable if they are also a user of Glasscubes. In that case, for ease of navigation or security reasons, they may prefer to only view the workspaces they are actually a member of. To switch between the views navigate to your profile, select 'Other preferences' and uncheck 'Display all workspaces on side navigation bar'.

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