There are certain features that can be accessed regardless of the workspace you're using, they can be found on one, of the two main navigation bars.

The side navigation bar

The side navigation bar automatically expands when you hover your mouse over it and gives users quick access to the following areas:

  • Dashboard: A quick link to return you to the main dashboard of your account.

  • My Stuff (optional): A page that is dedicated to your work. Including workspace calendar events showing the week ahead, a summary of any requests you have sent to approve/read a file, or information requests using forms, and any tasks that have been created or assigned to you, regardless of the workspace they originate from. You can also set up and manage 'Project Portfolios' from this page.

  • Public Workspaces (optional): This link points to a directory of Public Workspaces; if any have been created.

  • MY WORKSPACES: This section lists any workspace that you're a member of.

If you would prefer for your side navigation bar to be permanently expanded, click the pin icon.

The top navigation bar

In the center of your top navigation bar is the global account search. To the right you will see your profile picture (or initials) and a number of icons.

Click on your profile picture (or initials) and several options are available from the drop down menu. The 'Account Settings' link will only appear if you are an Account Administrator.

The 'Notification Center' icon will expand to display a list of your most recent notifications and alerts. If you have any unread notifications, a red counter will display the quantity on top of the icon.

The 'History' icon will display a list of your most recently visited items.

The 'Favourites' icon will display a list of any files that you have bookmarked for quick access.

The 'Add' icon offers users an easy way of adding content without having to navigate away from the page you are working on.

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